Chicago Bears signed the security guard HaHa Clinton-Dix

Last year’s top pass defense in the league is still adding strength this year.

According to NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport, the Chicago Bears will sign a one-year contract with security guard Haha Clinton-Dix.

Last season, Clinton-Dix started the first seven games at the Packers and was traded to Washington Redskins. He played nine games after the first battle, and he has played all regular season games for four consecutive seasons.

Haha Clinton-Dix will replace Adrian Amos to play in this year.
This year will be a great year,let’s go bears!

Chicago Bears and Bobby Massie renewed for four years

In the 2018 season, the defensive defensive of Chicago Bears gains numerous accolades, but the success of the offense team is equally important. The steady performance of the offensive line is one of the important factors, and the Chicago bears will try to retain key personnel.

The Chicago bears officially announced a four-year contract with offensive tackle Bobby Massie.

Ryan Pace, general manager of the Bears team, said: “In the past three years, Bobby has been an important member of the offensive line and has been steadily improving. Bobby’s work philosophy is excellent and shows the stability and perseverance what we hope.Most importantly, he is a good teammate and is very happy to let him stay in the team.”

2018 is a great year for chicago bears,hope we can become better in 2019 season.Da Bears! Bears Nation,let’s Go Bears!

Chicago Bears 14-9 beat the 49ers

Chicago Bears beat the 49ers with14-9 today and will have the chance to get the No. 2 of the League of Nations.

The Bears offense team did not perform well today, quarterback Mitchell Trubisky dropped the ball once and was intercepted once time. Allen Robinson drop the ball after getting the first attack after 2 minutes of official tentative decision. At this time, 49ers have no tentative call. He only needs to protect the ball and then the team’s quarterback to let the time go, we can win the victory. This drop gave the 49ers a chance to win, but they didn’t catch it.So finally our bears 14-9 won the game against 49ers.

The whole game Mitchell Trubisky 29 pass 25 hits, 246 yards, 1 pass to touchdown. 49ers quarterback Nick Mullens 38 pass 22 hits,241 yards,was intercepted once time.

After the game, the Bears 11 wins and 4 losses, the last round as long as the game wins and the Rams lose, our bears can get the No. 2 of the League of Nations.Let’s Go Bears,let’s get the win in next game.Bear down!!!

Chicago Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky can’t play the game against the New York Giants

According to reports, Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky can not participate in this game against the New York Giants.

The Mitchell Trubisky missed a Thanksgiving Day game because of a right shoulder injury.He was restricted to participate in training, coach Matt Nagy told reporters that he did not expect Mitchell Trubisky to come to training.

Matt Nagy said: “He is doing very well. Every day there is improvement. This is very important. He is a determined player. In this case, we must let him know that what he has to do now is for him and the team. The best choice. He wants to play, but we have to make sure that we are not too hasty. He is also communicating with us how he feel, we also listened to the trainer’s opinion. Combine the above considerations to make the best decision.”

Instead of Mitchell Trubisky’s starter will still be 32-year-old veteran Chase Daniel. Daniel performed well, with a pass completion rate of 73%, a push of 230 yards, and a touchdown of 2 times, without being intercepted.

Bears Nation,Let’s Go Bears,Bear Down!!!

Chicago Bears Mitchell Trubisky will miss this game against lions on Thanksgiving Day

The Chicago Bears familiar figure- Mitchell Trubisky can’t fight for them on Thanksgiving Day.

According to report, Mitchell Trubisky still needs time to recover because of a shoulder injury. The Bears will make QB Chase Daniel start this game against the Detroit Lions in week 12.

The short preparation time of the Bears this week also affected the team’s decision, added Laporte.

Chase Daniel has only started two games in his nine-year career and has not been in the regular season since the 2016 season. He played a total of 60 games in his career. He advanced 480 yards,got one touchdown, and was intercepted once. His record was one win and one loss.

The good news is that Chase Daniel worked with Bears coach Matt Nagy and was relatively familiar with the offensive system.

Correspondingly, the Bears promoted QB Tyler Bray from the training lineup to the big roster. He was also a player who played under Matt Nagy.

So sad that Mitchell Trubisky will miss this game against lions on Thanksgiving Day,but still Go Bears.Let’s get the win.

Chicago Bears easily beat lions in the week 10 game

The gap between the first place of the US North Division and the last place of the division seems to be bigger than people think.

At least from the week 10 game, the first place of the division-Chicago Bears easily beat the detroit lions with a score of 34-22. This is the first encounter between Matt Nagy and Matt Patricia. But Matt Nagy’s team has a lot of different styles, but Patricia’s team seems to be under-prepared. Therefore, our Chicago Bears easily established a 26-0 lead and the game suspense disappeared early.

Mitchell Trubisky is awesome and efficient, he can well control the offense . He passed the ball to push on 355 yards and made 3 touchdowns. Although the defensive is the key to victory most of the time, if Mitchell Trubisky’s performance continues, the Chicago Bears will become even more terrible opponents.

However, the Chicago Bears are not all right, kicker Cody Parkey missed two additional shots and two free kicks. After cutting Robbie Gould three years ago, the Bears also encountered difficulties in finding a successor to the kicker.

Are you ready for the week 11 game Chicago Bears against Vikings (Sunday 11/18 · 7:20 PM)?
I’m ready and very expect this game.Bear down,let’s go bears!!!

Chicago Bears 41-9 beat Bill in Week 9

In the week 9,our Chicago Bears against Bill were not afraid, and they did easily win.

Bears 41-9 is better beat Bill. In the sense, the Bears defensive team made 4 ball conversions and two touchdowns, including Eddie Jackson’s 65-yard drop and back to get the touchdown and Leonard Floyd’s return touchdown. Help our chicago bears to improve the record to 5-3.

Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky only passed the ball for 135 yards, touched the ball once and was intercepted once. The offensive team only pushed 190 yards in total. In general, such data is impossible to win.But it can be done in the face of Bill.

Bill’s question is also very simple: Can’t move forward very well. If it weren’t for Derek Anderson’s concussion, Nathan Peterman wouldn’t get a chance to play. He was intercepted three times today, and one time of them was intercepted back to touchdown.

However, after scrutinizing, two of them were not his problems. The receiver did not catch the ball and gave the Bears a chance. But most people won’t care about this, and Peterman will still be a scapegoat and bear all criticism. By the way,Peterman has been intercepted 12 times.

So happy that our bears got the win.Bears nation,let’s Go Bears!
Bear down,Da Bears!

Zach Miller is very happy to recover from a serious injury

On Monday, Bears Zach Miller said in an interview at Halas Hall that his left leg had spent almost his money just one year after he suffered a devastating knee injury.

Since the 12 months ago against the New Orleans Saints,Zach Miller‘s knees dislocated and the popliteal artery torn when he trying to make a touchdown catch in that game.

Bears Miller has completed 9 surgeries, the last of which was performed in January last year. But he knew his situation could be even worse; shortly after Miller’s injury, the bear medical staff helped save his leg by quickly diagnosing a blood vessel problem that required urgent surgery.

As Miller has reflected in the past 12 months, he realized that the ordeal has changed him.Miller wants to eventually regain his NFL career, but his first goal since he was injured is to make sure he can do normal activities with his children.

Miller is grateful that the Chicago Bears re-signed him in June, although he really won’t play this season. He likes to be with the team and hopes to return to the venue one day – even if he knows nothing is promised.

Hope Miller can get better and help bears better.Bears Nation,Bear down,let’s Go Bears!

We need to discuss how to improve our bears for next game

We need to discuss the defensive offense of the Chicago Bears, the offensive strategy and what improvements the team needs to make so that we can get the win when we against Jets in this Week 8 Sunday game.

I think the Bears offense has improved on a fairly stable basis, but our defense has not reached the standard level in the last two games and needs to find out the reason. However, the biggest problem on  last Sunday was the abandonment of the two touchdowns of the special team.

I think this has more to do with players who need to win one-on-one battles, especially with teammates like Khalil Mack and Akiem Hicks.We need to do better in our defense.

Hope we can get the improvements and get the win when we against Jets in this Sunday game.Bear down,let’s go bears!!!


Do You Think Chicago Bears Khalil Mack Will Be Good In Week 7 Game Against Patriots After An Ankle Injury?

Our Chicago Bears will have a game against the Patriots in this Sunday.
But Outside linebacker Khalil Mack returned to the camp on a limited basis and was listed as a questionable player on this Sunday due to an ankle injury.

Khalil Mack was injured early in the 31-28 overtime loss to the Dolphins on last Sunday.

Are you ready for this Sunday game: Bears VS Patriots In Week 7?
Do you think our bears can beat Patriots?
I hope Khalil Mack will be good in this Sunday’s game again Patriots.I think our bears can beat Patriots.I believe our team-bears,Let’s Go Bears!!!